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Flowers: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The 10 Best Flowers for Hanging Flower Baskets
Fill your hanging baskets with flowers, and attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.
5 Daisy Types for the Flower Garden
The fresh allure of daisies fits into any garden design. Learn about five of the most popular daisy types for your landscape.
Orchid Identification Photos
Identify your orchid by viewing this orchid photo gallery.
8 Reasons an Orchid Won't Bloom, Plus Solutions
Learn how to get orchids to bloom, and help lifeless looking orchids rebloom.
12 Fab Filler Flowers for Wedding Arrangements
Filler flowers for wedding arrangements go beyond baby's breath. Explore the range of colors, texture, and fragrance in these bouquet stretchers.
Lisianthus Flowers, a Cutting Garden Favorite
Learn how to grow lisianthus flowers in the garden.
Make Your Own Fairy Garden: 10 Magical Ideas
Learn how to make your fairy garden shine with blooming flowers.
Elegant White Bridal Bouquets
When you plan the petals for your special day, consider the classic choice of a white bridal bouquet.
8 Flower Boxes That Thrive in the Sun
A well-designed window box can be the crowning glory of your full sun garden.
7 Ways to Enjoy Amaryllis Flowers
Learn how to grow amaryllis in containers and outdoors. Explore amaryllis bulb gift ideas and propagation techniques.
How to Grow Spider Flowers
Spider flowers don’t emit a noticeable fragrance, but hummingbirds and butterflies didn’t get the memo, because they are drawn to these flowers all summer long.
Vanilla Orchid Care, The Vanilla Bean Plant
Grow a vanilla orchid, and harvest vanilla beans for your drinks and desserts.
Flowering Million Bells Are Low Maintenance...
Would you like an annual flower that blooms nonstop without the need for deadheading? Million bells are prolific bloomers that attract hummingbirds.
10 Easy Annual Flowers to Start from Seed
Growing flowers from seeds can give you an instant garden if you start with the right varieties. These annual flowers are easy to plant and grow in any garden.
6 Ways to Get More Blooms From Your Roses
Learn how to get more blooms from your rose bushes in the flower garden.
Purple Bridal Bouquets
Versatile purple bridal flowers can play a cheerful or a dramatic role in your wedding.
Camellia Flowers, A Classic Southern Shrub
Every southern garden should have a flowering camellia for winter interest.
Mailbox Gardens Boost Curb Appeal
Give your mailbox a garden makeover to make every trip to check the mail a high point in the day.
The 12 Best Flowers for a Spring Wedding
Brides planning a spring wedding can choose from these 12 seasonal wedding flowers for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres.
Flowering Ginger Plants
Learn how to grow flowering ginger plants, a tropical flower with edible flower parts.
6 Beautiful Hanging Flower Basket Ideas
Add more eye-level blooms to your flower garden by copying one of these seven hanging basket ideas.
6 Ways to Brighten Your Shady Home With Window...
A window box filled with shade loving flowers will add a pop of color to your home's facade.
Gaura, the Wandflower
Gaura is a drought tolerant perennial flower with a long blooming time.
Pink Bridal Bouquets
Pale pink lilies make a pretty springtime bridal bouquet.
14 Fun Facts About Valentine's Day Flowers
Explore the facts behind your favorite Valentine's Day flowers.
Gazania Flowers
Gazania flowers are easy annuals for sunny dry gardens.
Verbena Care
Verbena plants are prolific bloomers for your butterfly and container garden.
Begonias - Begonia Flowers for Containers and...
Begonias are easy annual flowers for the shade garden. Look at pictures of wax begonias, tuberous begonias, and angel wing begonias.
Growing Portulaca, the Moss Rose Flower
The moss rose is a sun-loving annual flower that tolerates drought.
Hoya Plants, The Wax Flower
Tips on hoya plant care, pictures of hoya plant flowers, and a list of recommended hoya plant varieties
Choose the Right Flower Fertilizer: Your 6...
Find the best flower fertilizer for your garden, whether it's organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, or a slow release fertilizer.
Pruning Flowers for Healthy Plants
Proper pruning methods can increase flower production, and discourage diseases by increasing air circulation and allowing light to reach the plant.
Orchid Care Calendar
Following a monthly orchid care calendar will help you achieve reblooming orchids.
10 Design Elements for Beautiful Flower...
Employ these 10 design elements in your next floral arrangement.
Fairy Garden Gallery
Miniature African violets are right at home in the fairy garden.
Get to Know Air Plants
Air plants are trending for a reason: these exotic houseplants are surprisingly easy to grow.
The Perennial Dianthus Flower
Providing dianthus care is easy for gardeners with a sunny, well-draining spot in the flower garden.
Why Flowers Die, Plus 5 Ways to Keep Them Alive
Learn the solutions to five common flower garden problems.
5 Ways to Get More Blooms in Your Spring Garden
Get more and earlier flowers in your spring garden with these five planting tips.
12 Seasonal Summer Wedding Flowers
More flowers are blooming at summer's peak than at any other time of year. Here are 12 of the best for brides.
6 Sweet, Chocolate-Scented Flowers
Six chocolate scented flowers give you all of the fragrance and none of the calories of everyone's favorite candy.
Essential Orchid Supplies
If you have these 6 essential orchid supplies, your plant will be ready to bloom and thrive.
How to Prevent and Control Rust Fungus in Your...
Control rust fungus by using organic and chemical sprays, and by planting rust resistant flower varieties.
Cosmos, a Tough Garden Beauty
Cosmos flowers are easy annuals to grow from seed in the garden.
Your Longest Lasting Floral Arrangements
Follow these 8 tips to double the life of your floral arrangement.
Wedding Roses
Wedding roses remain the most popular flower for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and other wedding flower arrangements.
Balcony Gardening for Beginners
A flowering balcony garden is your tiny urban oasis.
Keep Your New Flower Garden Alive
To keep your new flower garden healthy, you must amend the soil, water the plants, fertilize, and control weeds and insect pests.
Grow the Chocolate Vine, Akebia Quinata
Akebia quinata is called the chocolate vine for its fragrant flowers.
Butterfly Flowers for Shade Gardens
Attract butterflies to shade gardens with nectar rich flowers and shade loving host plants.
Balsam Flowers for the Heirloom Garden
Balsam flowers are as pretty as they are easy to grow in moist garden soil and partial shade.
Growing Lupine Flowers
The perennial lupine flower is at home in the wildflower garden or the cottage garden.
12 Flowers in Season for Your Winter Wedding
If you're getting married anytime between November and March, chances are you will have one or more of these 12 flowers in your floral arrangements.
Growing Orchids on Mounts
Growing mounted orchids is a natural way to care for these epiphytic plants.
10 Best Mediterranean Flowers
Keep your Mediterranean garden in bloom with these 10 flowering plants.
DIY Natural Garden Pest Control
Natural pesticides are cheap and easy to make for the flower garden. Supplement your gardening supplies with these homemade pest controls.
Pansies, Cool Weather Favorites
Learn how to grow pansies in the spring flower garden.
Blue Bridal Bouquets
Blue bridal bouquets range from natural sky blue hues to vibrant dyed petals.
Pentas Flowers, the Egyptian Star Cluster
Grow the long blooming pentas flowers to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.
Ranunculus Bulbs for the Cutting Garden
Ranunculus bulbs are cool weather annual flowers.
Begonia ‘Torch Pink’
Torch Pink is an Angel Wing Begonia variety. Page 9.
Flower Beds to Inspire Your Front Yard
Does your curb appeal need a booster shot? Try these landscaping ideas for front yard flowerbeds.
What Is Ikebana?
Learn all about Japanese ikebana, including ikebana containers, the history of the art, and the right supplies to tackle a project yourself.
Growing Sweet Alyssum in the Fragrant Flower...
The sweet alyssum plant is a fragrant annual flower that attracts beneficial insects.
Add Drama to Flower Arrangements With Protea
Protea flowers look otherworldly and ethereal, but these sturdy blooms are long lasting flowers for your exotic cut flower arrangements.
Vinca Flowers Like it Hot
The annual vinca flower is a tough plant for sunny, dry areas in the garden.
A Modern Take on Throwback Wedding Flowers
Explore vintage wedding flower ideas, including bridal bouquets, wedding cake toppers, and flower centerpieces.
Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower Profile
Bleeding heart vine is a tender tropical plant that resembles the herbaceous perennial bleeding heart in appearance, not hardiness.
Growing Dahlias, From Pompons to Dinner Plates
When you go from lumpy tuber to luscious flower in one season, you'll know dahlias are one of nature's miracles.
Growing Anemone Flowers
The anemone flower is popular in wedding bouquets, but an easy garden flower for the landscape as well.
Pincushion Flower, A Butterfly Magnet
Pincushion flowers are low maintenance perennial plants for butterflies and garden borders.
Flowering Shade Garden Ideas
Discover flowers for shade that will brighten up the landscape.
Rain Lilies
Easy to grow rain lilies will multiply in your flower garden readily, springing up after a summer shower.
Chenille Plant
The fuzzy red flowers of the chenille plant are so full of personality, you might be tempted to name them.
Sidewalk Garden Ideas
Plant a hellstrip garden between the sidewalk and street.
4 Ways to Get Cheap or Free Flower Gardening...
Find free mulch, compost, seeds, and find cheap flower garden supplies.
10 Drought-Resistant Flowers
Choose flowering plants that can grow without additional irrigation in the xeriscape.
4 Alternatives to Peat Moss in the Flower Garden
Peat moss is not a sustainable soil amendment, but there are alternatives to building great garden soil.
Baby's Breath, a Cutting Garden Favorite
Grow baby's breath in the flower garden for bouquet fillers.
How to Grow Snapdragons
Old-fashioned but never out of style, snapdragons lift the spirits in early spring.
9 Impressive Cottage Gardens
You can design your cottage garden to suit your climate and to reflect your favorite flowering plants.
Outdoor Wedding Flower Ideas
Choose sturdy flowers for a beach wedding ceremony.
Voodoo Lily
What the voodoo lily lacks in pleasing fragrance, it makes up for in its weird and wonderful bloom.
Kangaroo Paw Flowers
The kangaroo paw plant is one of Australia's most beloved exports. Learn how to care for this exotic flower.
11 Modern Petunias to Try
Modern hybrids have made the old-fashioned petunia a flower garden must. Here are 11 top picks.
Stop Bent Neck on Roses
Care for your rose bouquet by preventing bent neck.
Plant a Flowering Hanging Basket
Plant a flowering hanging basket like the professionals do.
Eryngium, the Sea Holly
Sea holly flowers provide a lot of blue oomph in the garden, asking for very little maintenance in return.
Mole Control in the Flower Garden
Moles infuriate gardeners, but sometimes they take the blame for damage they didn't inflict. Learn how to control and when to tolerate these pests.
Grow Perennial Aster Flower Plants for Fall...
This flower, in response to the shortening days of fall, gives gardeners a carpet of daisy-like flowers on a compact plant from August through September.
10 Annual Flowers for a Butterfly Container...
Plant a container garden to attract butterflies to the flower garden.
Organic Mealybug Control in the Flower Garden
Mealybugs damage leaves and shoots of many garden plants in the landscape. Kill mealybugs on flowers without using chemical pesticides.
Beat Drought With Rain Barrels
Flower gardeners can use rainwater barrels to collect and store chemical-free water to irrigate the landscape.
10 Essential Florist Tools and Supplies
Use these 10 florist tools to take your flower arrangements from amateurish to professional.
Lace Bug Control
Lace bugs are common flower garden insect pests that cause foliage damage and leaf drop throughout summer.
Grow Delphiniums
Delphinium are tall blue flowers that thrive in cool soil and moist conditions.
Bachelor's Buttons - Cornflowers
Bachelor's buttons, or cornflowers, are blue annual flowers easy to grow from seed.
Unusual Flowers for the Garden
Gardeners tired of the same bedding plants can grow these unusual flowers as a conversation piece.
Cottage Garden Design
Incorporate these cottage garden flowers and design elements into your landscape.
Grape Hyacinths - Growing Muscari Bulbs
Grape hyacinths are fragrant spring bulbs for containers, woodland gardens, and rock gardens.
12 Top Coneflower Varieties
Discover 12 top performing coneflowers for the sunny perennial flower garden.
Kill Aphids in the Organic Flower Garden
Aphids appear to come from nowhere in the spring, sucking the life from your flowers. Control aphids without chemical pesticides.
Stephanotis Flowers, The Madagascar Jasmine
Fragrance and tradition make the stephanotis vine a valuable addition to your tropical flowering container garden.
The Posy Wedding Bouquet
Of the many wedding bouquet styles, the posy is one of the most popular. Is the posy wedding bouquet right for you?
Unusual Celosia Flowers Provide Brains and...
Celosia, or cockscomb flower, is a full sun annual for the garden.
Biedermeier Wedding Bouquet
Biedermeier flower arrangements consist of rings of flowers in different types or colors.
Control Ants in the Flower Garden
You can kill or repel ants in the flower garden safely and inexpensively.
Liatris Flowers, Prairie Favorites
Learn how to grow liatris, also known as blazing star, in the flower garden.
Prom Flower Ideas
A corsage bar lets teens personalize their prom flowers.
Wake Up Your Garden With Coffee Grounds
Use leftover coffee grounds in compost, as mulch, and as fertilizer in the flower garden.
10 Ways to Keep Kitty Out of Your Flowers
Is your cat battling your green thumb with his black paws? Target his unwanted behaviors with these deterrents.
Use Manure in the Flower Garden
Use composted livestock manure safely in the flower garden to fertilize plants with a natural source of nitrogen.
Bells of Ireland Flowers - The Shell Flower
Bells of Ireland are green flowers for the cottage garden and cutting garden.
Hydrangea Wedding Flowers
Hydrangeas quickly build up the volume of wedding flower arrangements.
Wedding Flower Shapes
Know what flower shapes you want in your wedding flower arrangements to suit your style.
11 Shade Tolerant Roses
Discover 11 shade tolerant roses for your partially sunny flower garden.
Lavender Cotton
Lavender cotton is a versatile flowering herb at home in your dry, sunny landscape.
Begonia ‘Doublet White’
The free flowering White Doublet Begonia has double flowers. Page 8.
Nicotiana, the Flowering Tobacco
Nicotiana is an heirloom flowering annual that's easy to grow from seed.
Bet on Stock for Spring Fragrance
Do you love to be greeted by fragrance when you return home in the evening? Scented stock is an annual flower that smells the sweetest at twilight.
Grow Daylilies
Some say the daylily is the perfect perennial. Try one of the hundreds of varieties of this low care flower, and get hooked on the rainbow of colors you'll discover in this popular genus.
Living Pompoms to Grow in Your Garden
Bursting with charm, growing the globe amaranth in the summer garden is an easy way to get material for dried flowers and to attract butterflies.
Grow Your Best Gladiolus Flowers
The spikes of gladioli make a dramatic accent in the garden and the vase.
The Best Soil for Orchid Growing
Choose the best orchid growing media for your healthy tropical plants.
Spider Mite Control
Spider mites infest stressed garden plants and houseplants, especially in summer months. Control spider mites with good cultural control, organic sprays, and chemical treatments.
Cascading Wedding Bouquet
The cascade bridal bouquet is a formal wedding arrangement.
6 Ways to Improve Clay Soil in the Flower Garden
Clay soil presents drainage and landscaping challenges in the garden, but you can choose flowering plants and gardening methods to improve clay.
Begonia ‘Ambassador’ Series
Wax begonias are easy for the beginning flower gardener to grow. Page 6.
My Flowers Have Garden Caterpillars, Now What?
Flower gardeners must identify caterpillar pests and butterfly caterpillars in the garden.
Medinilla, a Showy Tropical Flower
The medinilla tropical flower can be grown as a houseplant or patio plant.
Top 12 Fall Wedding Flowers
Look at photos of 12 popular fall wedding flowers in season.
Peony Pictures
Look at peony pictures and learn about how to care for peony plants.
Use Cold Frames in the Flower Garden
Protect tender plants from frost and extend the flower garden season with cold frames.
Begonia ‘Nonstop Rose’
The blooms of nonstop begonias are fully double and resemble roses. Page 5.
How Does Floral Foam Work?
Floral foam looks easier to use than it is. Learn how to manipulate this highly effective florist tool to your advantage.
Romantic Flowers for a Girlfriend
In the age of digital romance, a gift of flowers for a new girlfriend is worth a thousand emoticons.
Begonia ‘Cocktail’ Series
The bronze leaf begonia can have white, red, or pink flowers. Page 7.
Before You Choose Wedding Flowers
Before you choose wedding flowers, consider how your wedding colors and theme will affect your selections of the bridal bouquet, wedding ceremony flowers, groom’s boutonniere, bridesmaid bouquets, wedding corsages, flower girl basket, and wedding reception flowers.
Yellow Bridal Bouquets
Yellow wedding flowers come in a range of hues to suit every season.
Wedding Cake Flowers Gallery - Floral Wedding...
Fresh flowers make great wedding cake toppers. Look at wedding cake photos to get ideas for wedding cake designs.
Spring Floral Arrangements
Make the most of springtime flowers with these floral arrangement ideas.
Columbine, a Woodland Garden Favorite
Learn how to grow columbine in the flower garden.
7 Flower Garden Pests to Never Ignore
Some flower garden insect pests do more than just munch on plants. They can carry viruses and other plant diseases.
Top Picks for Fall Floral Arrangements
Find the best fall floral arrangements for a Thanksgiving centerpiece, Halloween gift, or autumn decor.
How Earthworms Impact the Flower Garden
Earthworms improve drainage, soil structure, and overall garden productivity. Encourage the earthworm population in the flower garden, and reap the benefits of earthworm castings.
Grow Statice Flowers for Crafts and Bouquets
As fresh cut flowers or dried craft flowers, statice looks as beautiful in your home as in the landscape.
Christmas Fairy Gardens
Bring your holidays to life with a miniature Christmas fairy garden.
The Everlasting Strawflower
The everlasting strawflower will brighten your garden and your dried flower crafts.
Get More Fragrance in Your Life With the...
The tuberose is a fragrant flower you can grow from a bulb in one season.
Easter Flower Arrangements
Choose blooms for your Easter brunch table, or send an Easter flowering gift basket to friends and relatives.

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