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Cascading Wedding Bouquet


Cascading Wedding Bouquet

A Cascade Bridal Bouquet With Calla Lilies and Roses

Photo © Madalina Lesan Photography

A cascading wedding flower arrangement has a mass of flowers at the top, with more flowers and/or foliage flowing down from it, resulting in a teardrop shape. This type of bouquet became popular in the early 1900’s, with styles getting more elaborate through the middle of the century until they nearly brushed the floor.

Modern brides can tailor the cascading wedding bridal bouquet to their taste; it need not be a fussy spectacle. Florists can keep the teardrop bouquet compact, and can include only one or two flower varieties for a sophisticated look.

The cascading wedding flower arrangement is also appropriate for a pew end wedding ceremony flower arrangement. The florist can echo the bride’s cascading bouquet, but with larger flowers and a larger bouquet to increase the visibility of the arrangement.

Also Known As: Cascade Wedding Bouquet, Teardrop Wedding Bouquet, Shower Wedding Bouquet, Trailing Wedding Bouquet
Princess Diana carried one of the most famous trailing bridal bouquets, a 42-inch white creation that included gardenias, freesias, orchids, veronica, and stephanotis.
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