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Special Occasion Flowers

Learn about special occasion flowers to brighten holidays and events. Get ideas for wedding flowers, anniversary flowers, Valentine's Day flowers, get well flowers, corsage flowers, mother's day flowers, birthday flowers, Christmas flowers, new baby flowers, and graduation flowers.
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Fall Wedding Flowers in Season
Look at photos and get design ideas for 12 popular fall wedding flowers in season.

Vintage Wedding Flowers
Whether vintage means 1970 or 1870 to you, express the theme with vintage wedding flowers.

Outdoor Wedding Flower Ideas
Summer brides love garden weddings and beach weddings, but many wedding flowers don't. Learn which wedding flowers can take the heat.

Before You Choose Wedding Flowers
Before you choose wedding flowers, consider how your wedding colors and theme will affect your selections of the bridal bouquet, wedding ceremony flowers, groom’s boutonniere, bridesmaid bouquets, wedding corsages, flower girl basket, and wedding reception flowers.

5 Flower Gardening Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day
Gardening moms appreciate tools and supplies that help their flower garden shine.

Wedding Cake Flowers Gallery - Floral Wedding Cake Designs
Fresh flowers make great wedding cake toppers. Customize your cake with flowers for seasonal and theme weddings.

Wedding Flower Shapes
Put these wedding flower shapes to work in your arrangements for contemporary or classic results.

Princess Kate Flower Gallery
Princess Kate Middleton almost always appears in public with her favorite accessory, a bouquet of fresh flowers. Get inspiration for your wedding flowers and home arrangements from these trendy blooms.

Wedding Flowers and Special Occasion Flowers
Wedding flower planning involves more than just choosing the bridesmaid's bouquet. Get ideas on wedding ceremony flowers, boutonnieres, flower girl flowers, and wedding reception flowers. Also read advice on choosing special occasion flowers, including Valentine's Day flowers, Mother's Day flowers, anniversary flowers, and birthday flowers.

Conditioning Cut Flowers: Hardening
Fully hydrated cut flowers make the longest lasting arrangements.

Winter Wedding Flowers in Season
Whether your winter wedding background is a pristine snowy landscape or a balmy beach scene, these 12 seasonal flowers will look luminous in your centerpieces and bouquets.

What Is Ikebana?
An overview of ikebana flower arranging, including ikebana containers, ikebana history, and ikebana supplies.

Spring Wedding Flowers in Season
Brides planning a spring wedding can choose from these 12 seasonal wedding flowers for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres.

Prom Flower Ideas
Your prom flowers can be your most customized accessory. Get ideas for corsages, bouquets, and boutonnieres.

Summer Wedding Flowers in Season
Look at photos of 12 summer wedding flowers in season.

Mother's Day Flowers
For Mother's Day, give her a live flowering plant gift basket or a vivid cut floral arrangement.

My Bridal Bouquet
The bridal bouquet is one of the most important floral purchases in a woman's life. View these reader wedding flower arrangements for inspiration.See submissions

12 Filler Flowers for Wedding Arrangements
Filler flowers for wedding arrangements go beyond baby's breath. Explore the range of colors, texture, and fragrance in these bouquet stretchers.

Wedding Roses
Get inspiration and ideas for your wedding roses from this gallery.

Cut Flowers of the Year
Learn more about the Cut Flower of the Year, as chosen by the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

10 Fun Poinsettia Facts
Learn the fun facts behind your favorite holiday flower, the poinsettia.

8 Tips for Beautiful, Long Lasting Floral Arrangements
Follow these 8 tips to double the life of your floral arrangement.

Tropical Wedding Flowers
Discover seven ways with tropical wedding flowers for your beach wedding.

Stop Bent Neck on Roses
Care for your rose bouquet by preventing bent neck.

Spring Floral Arrangements
Bring the fragrance and beauty of spring flowers into your home with simple floral arrangements.

Royal Wedding Flowers
Royal wedding flowers are an emblem of class and beauty that brides-to-be can look to for inspiration.

Easter Flower Arrangements
Choose blooms for your Easter brunch table, or send an Easter flowering gift basket to friends and relatives.

14 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day Flowers

Christmas Flower Gift Baskets
Celebrate holiday birthdays and anniversaries with flowering Christmas gift baskets. Flowering gift baskets will continue to delight as a hostess gift long after the last goody has been gobbled.

Flower Girl Ideas
Make the youngest member of the bridal party feel special with these flower girl ideas.

Choose Wedding Boutonnieres
A boutonniere is a small but significant wedding flower arrangement. Follow these ten tips to make a boutonniere selection.

Tulip Wedding Bouquets
Get ideas for your tulip wedding bouquets from this image gallery.

10 Essential Florist Tools and Supplies
Use these 10 florist tools to take your flower arrangements from amateurish to professional.

How to Use Floral Foam
Floral foam looks easier to use than it is. Learn how to manipulate this highly effective florist tool to your advantage.

Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets
Elegant, durable, and affordable, the calla lily is a top five favorite of brides and florists alike.

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