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Pests & Diseases

Gardeners can control flower pests and flower diseases in the home garden. A combination of organic gardening methods and synthetic pest control sprays will keep your flower garden healthy.

My Flowers Have Garden Caterpillars, Now What?
When you spy a caterpillar in the flower garden, is it friend or foe?

Get Rid of Fuzzy Grey Mold on Flowers
Botrytis is an insidious fungal disease that stops flower buds in their tracks.

Lace Bug Control – How to Control Lace Bugs in the Flower Garden
The sap-sucking ways of lace bugs and their larvae damage azaleas and other plants and shrubs in the flower garden.

Prevent and Control Rust Fungus in the Flower Garden
Control rust fungus by using organic and chemical sprays, and by planting rust resistant flower varieties.

Organic Powdery Mildew Control
Powdery mildew affects roses, phlox, zinnias, and other flowers. Control this plant disease with organic sprays.

Kill Grass in Flowerbeds
Grass always seems to grow best in flowerbeds, but you can kill it without harming your garden plants.

Mulch Problems
Learn how to keep mold, rodents, and other problems out of your flower garden mulch.

7 Flower Garden Pests to Never Ignore
Some flower garden insect pests do more than just munch on plants. They can carry viruses and other plant diseases.

Recognize the Early Warning Signs of Garden Pests and Diseases
Garden insect pests may leave early clues that you can watch for, allowing you to control insects in your garden before they kill your flowers.

Control Kudzu in the Flower Garden
Flower gardeners must attack kudzu aggressively, as it can overtake and kill flowers, shrubs, and even mature trees.

5 Flower Gardening Habits to Avoid
Flower gardeners can get in a rut with improper pruning methods, plant collecting, and summer landscape neglect.

Fight Flower Garden Pests with Green Lacewing Insects
Flower gardeners can control insect pests like aphids and thrips when they buy live green lacewings and release them into the landscape.

Homemade Flower Garden Pesticide
Natural pesticides are cheap and easy to make for the flower garden. Supplement your gardening supplies with these homemade pest controls.

Control Slugs in the Organic Flower Garden
Slugs and snails can cause a great deal of damage in the flower garden in short order. Kill or repel these pests with natural methods.

Fungus Gnat Control in the Flower Garden
It’s difficult to control fungus gnats when they invade houseplants and greenhouses, but there are effective chemical and organic controls for these pests.

How the Parasitic Wasp Can Help Your Flower Garden
Attract these beneficial insects to your flower garden, and take advantage of a natural pest control source.

The Deer Repellent Flower Garden
Good deer control methods start with prevention. Stop deer damage in your flower garden by growing plants that deer rarely browse.

Kill Aphids in the Organic Flower Garden
Aphids appear to come from nowhere in the spring, sucking the life from your flowers. Control aphids without chemical pesticides.

Mole Control in the Flower Garden
Moles infuriate gardeners, but sometimes they take the blame for damage they didn't inflict. Learn how to control and when to tolerate these pests.

Use Insect Barriers and Traps in the Flower Garden
Organic flower gardeners can use safe physical pest control methods such as bug vacuums, row covers, sticky traps, handpicking, cutworm collars, and water sprays to stop bugs.

Organic Controls for Armyworm Caterpillars in the Flower Garden
Armyworms damage many plants in the flower garden, but you can control these caterpillar pests without chemicals.

Use Parasitic Nematodes in the Flower Garden
Beneficial parasitic nematodes work invisibly in the soil to control flower garden pests such as grubs, slugs, and fungus gnats.

Kill Thrips in the Flower Garden
Tiny but prolific thrips deform flowers and carry diseases, especially in greenhouses. You can control these pests without chemicals with a four-step approach.

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