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With an estimated 400,000 species of flowering plants on earth, you may never pick a favorite, but it's fun to try! Learn about annual flowers, perennial flowers, wildflowers, and exotic flowers to add color and fragrance to your landscape and home. Satisfy your appetite for blooming eye candy in the flower image galleries, where you can begin to scratch the surface of the breadth and depth of flowering plant varieties.

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  3. Exotic Flowers
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Annual Flowers

Annual flowers grow, bloom, and die in one season, allowing gardeners to turn an austere patch of lawn into a riot of color in the span of a few months. Most annual flowers are easy to grow from seed, filling in the blanks where immature perennials or failed garden specimens leave a void in the garden.

Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers can endure for years, or even decades in the garden, forming ever-growing clumps to divide and share with friends. There's a perennial flower for every growing zone and level of gardening experience, whether you prefer plants like your grandma grew, or whether you eagerly await the announcement of new hybrids each year.

Exotic Flowers

If you've always thought exotic flowers like orchids and other tropicals were for experts only, you must explore the diverse range of tropical flowering plants. Far from delicate divas, many exotic flowers will soar to jungle-like proportions on your deck and patio if you give them the right temperature and exposure.

Flower Photo Galleries

What's that flower, and how can I get it into my backyard? Trips to the nursery may be hazardous to your bank account after you view the myriad of flower varieties that await in these photo galleries.

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