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Perennial Flowers

Gardeners can learn which perennial flowers to plant to bring beauty to the flower garden each year. Pictures of perennial flowers for shade and sunny areas help you pick garden plants for your landscape.
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Information About Flowers
Learn about different flower types, including perennial flowers, annual flowers, exotic flowers, and wildflowers. Identify flower pictures in flower photo galleries.

Columbine, a Woodland Garden Favorite
Learn how to grow columbine in the flower garden.

Indian Pink - A Wildflower for the Hummingbird Garden
The Indian Pink wildflower attracts hummingbirds and thrives in the woodland garden.

Toad Lily - Tricyrtis Flower
Toad lilies have the appeal of exotic flowers, without the maintenance or fuss.

Lady's Tresses - A Hardy Orchid for the Bog Garden
Lady's tresses is little shade flower with a big fragrance for your late summer garden.

Delphinium Care - Growing the True Blue Larkspur
Delphiniums are fussy flowers, but many say they're worth it.

Growing Lupine Flowers
The perennial lupine flower is at home in the wildflower garden or the cottage garden.

Great Blue Lobelia and Cardinal Flower
Lobelia plants bring brilliant blues and reds to your bog garden.

Grow Perennial Aster Flower Plants for Fall Blooms
Move over, mums. Asters are the hardier companion to mums for your fall perennial garden.

Actaea, or Cimicifuga, an Old Favorite With a New Name
Which common name is more apt, Fairy Candles or Bugbane? You decide when you grow this shade-loving beauty.

Helenium Flowers Add Cheer to the Late Summer and Fall Garden
Helenium flowers deliver masses of blooms to your late season garden.

Chelone Plants, the Turtlehead Flower
Discover the curious flowers of turtlehead plants.

The Chocolate Daisy
Experience calorie-free chocolate bliss in an easy wildflower for the perennial garden.

Penstemon Care, Growing the Beardtongue Flower
Find out why this underused perennial belongs in your sunny garden.

The Perennial Dianthus Flower
No rock garden should be without the cheddar pink.

Baby's Breath, a Cutting Garden Favorite
Grow baby's breath in the flower garden for bouquet fillers.

Liatris Flowers, Prairie Favorites
The fuzzy spikes of liatris look delicate, but will shrug off heat and drought in the sunny flower garden.

11 Shade Tolerant Roses
Most roses enjoy sun bathing all day, but these varieties will still shine in your partially shaded garden.

Pincushion Flower, A Butterfly Magnet
Pincushion flowers are low maintenance perennial plants for butterflies and garden borders.

Eryngium, the Sea Holly
Sea holly flowers provide a lot of blue oomph in the garden, asking for very little maintenance in return.

Lavender Cotton
Lavender cotton is a versatile flowering herb at home in your dry, sunny landscape.

Corydalis plants can be tricky to grow, but in the right woodland setting they may bloom all season.

Daisy Fleabane
Daisy fleabane will grace your flower garden with a cloud of blossoms each summer.

Flowers for Firewise Landscapes
Fire resistant landscaping can be as beautiful as a conventional garden with these firewise flowers.

Gaura, the Wandflower
Gaura is a drought tolerant perennial flower with a long blooming time.

Grow Tulips That Come Back Every Year

Propagate Perennial Flowers

Camellia Flowers, A Classic Southern Shrub

Carolina Allspice, An Old-Fashioned Fragrant Favorite
Add this native flowering shrub to provide a fragrant focal point in your garden.

Lady's Slipper Orchids
Lady's slipper orchids are rare flowers that inspire envy and fascination in well-tended woodland gardens.

5 Daisy Types for the Flower Garden
The fresh allure of daisies fits into any garden design. Learn about five of the most popular daisy types for your landscape.

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