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Planning, Planting, and Maintaining the Flower Garden


If your experience with flower gardening is limited to coaxing the first blooms from the 6-pack of annuals you planted last week, this is the place for you. If you're a weekend warrior tending a huge container garden on your deck and several perennial flowerbeds in your landscape, you'll also find something here. Sun and soil, earthworms and water: we all start with the same raw materials, and we all have the potential to turn them into something divine when we plant a flower garden.
  1. Flower Planting
  2. Flower Garden Maintenance
  3. Flower Garden Ideas
  4. Organic Flower Gardening
  1. Flower Insect and Animal Pests
  2. Flower Diseases
  3. Flower Garden Clubs and Events

Flower Planting

Let's break ground! Learn about soil improvement, garden design, and choosing flowers.

Flower Garden Maintenance

Some people like to plant it and forget it, while others believe in the growing power of a regular gardener's shadow. Discover tips to keep your flowerbeds blooming from early spring to late fall.

Flower Garden Ideas

Take a virtual tour of these flower gardens and find a style that inspires you to get growing. View flowering combinations in varying colors and textures for visual interest in your containers and landscape.

Organic Flower Gardening

Growing plants using natural means is a trend that's here to stay. Organic gardeners use compost, cultural strategies, mechanical barriers, physical controls, biological controls, and organically acceptable sprays to grow flowers without conventional chemicals.

Flower Insect and Animal Pests

If you have flowers, you have insect pests, even if you don't see them at work. Learn which ones to tolerate and which ones to exterminate.

Flower Diseases

Many healthy flowers can shrug off minor disease problems, but what do you do when spots, speckles, and fuzz threaten to take down your favorite plants? Keep fungi, bacteria, and plant viruses in check with these prevention and control strategies.

Flower Garden Clubs and Events

Find other flowering plant enthusiasts who find the term "luminata" as endearing a description as you do. If you're new fan of a particular plant genus, connect with a relevant flower club to participate in garden tours in your region. Learn about local, national, and international flower festivals.

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