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Flower Gardening

Flower gardening enthusiasts can learn which flowering plants work best in their landscape. View flower garden designs and flower garden pictures to help you choose annuals and perennials for your region.
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  3. Wildlife Flower Gardening (8)

7 Ways to Enjoy Amaryllis Flowers and Bulbs
Are giant amaryllis flowers too much of a good thing? Learn how to give, grow, and get more of this holiday go-to plant.

Flower Garden Care 101
Grow flowers like the pros, by taking care of these six garden essentials.

Why Flowers Die, Plus 5 Ways to Keep Them Alive
Learn the solutions to five common flower garden problems.

Choose the Right Flower Fertilizer Type
Bring flower power to your landscape with a fertilizer formula that promotes healthy roots, foliage, and blossoms.

6 Ways to Get More Blooms From Your Roses
Learn how to get more blooms from your rose bushes in the flower garden.

4 Ways to Get Cheap or Free Flower Gardening Supplies
Flower gardening can be a part of everyone's budget if you take advantage of these sources of free soil amendments and planting materials.

4 Alternatives to Peat Moss in the Flower Garden
Peat moss is a common soil amendment, but its harvest is environmentally unfriendly. Learn about soil improvement alternatives for the flower garden.

10 Flowers to Grow in a Xeriscape
Gardeners can grow flowering plants all season in dry regions with little or no supplemental watering. Look at pictures of 10 xeriscape flowers that grow throughout the United States.

5 Flower Gardening Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day
Gardening moms appreciate tools and supplies that help their flower garden shine.

Planning, Planting, and Maintaining the Flower Garden
Ensure success in the flower garden by learning about flower planting, flower garden maintenance, garden diseases and pests, and organic gardening methods. Look at flower garden pictures to get ideas for your landscape.

Propagate Perennial Flowers
Gardeners can propagate perennial flowers by dividing plants, layering plants, and rooting stem cuttings.

Chocolate Scented Fragrant Flowers
Indulge your love for chocolate with these cocoa scented blooms.

10 Reasons You Will Love Flower Gardening in Winter
Don't look mournfully out the window at your winter flower garden. Get out there, and get to work!

Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winning Flowers for 2012
Fleuroselect chose five outstanding annual and perennial flowers for its 2012 gold medal awards, including a hummingbird mint, coneflower, hollyhock, salvia, and viola.

Best Green Flowers for the Garden
Mint, chartreuse, and lime flowers will pop against every other flower color, becoming your go-to neutral.

Summer Flower Garden Care
Keep your flower garden blooming until frost by providing the right fertilizer, mulch, and disease control care.

Trace Plant Nutrients in the Flower Garden
There are six important trace elements in healthy garden soil. Gardeners can correct poorly performing flowering plants with natural soil amendments.

6 Ways to Improve Clay Soil in the Flower Garden
Clay soil presents drainage and landscaping challenges in the garden, but you can choose flowering plants and gardening methods to improve clay.

Flower Garden Solutions for Problem Areas
Combat problem areas in your flowerbeds with soil amendments and tough flowering plants.

Starting Flower Seeds With Kids
Starting seeds with kids is the first step to get them interested in flower gardening.

The Best Rose for Your Garden
Discover easy to grow roses that bloom in spite of pests and poor weather.

Unusual Flowers for the Garden
Gardeners tired of the same bedding plants can grow these unusual flowers as a conversation piece.

Mulch Types for Flowerbeds
Explore the range of mulch types for your healthy flower garden.

Flowerbed Mulching 101
Learn how, why, and when to mulch your flowerbeds for a healthy garden.

Recycling Garden Pots and Biodegradable Flower Pots
Keep plastics out of the waste stream by reducing or eliminating your use of non-recyclable plastic gardening pots and trays.

10 Best Mediterranean Flowers
Keep your Mediterranean garden in bloom with these 10 flowering plants.

Grow Flowers in Hot Dry Gardens
Learn how to grow flowers in hot, dry gardens.

Garden Tuteurs
More than a simple garden trellis, a tuteur brings beauty and function to the flower garden.

Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winning Flowers for 2013
Fleuroselect chose 3 outstanding annual flowers to receive the gold medal award in 2013.

Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winning Flowers for 2014
Fleuroselect chose six annual and perennial flowers of exceptional quality for its 2014 Gold Medal awards.

Balcony Gardening for Beginners
A flowering balcony garden is your tiny urban oasis.

Bog Garden Flowers
Bog garden flowers can light up the soggy part of the landscape.

Black Walnut Toxicity in the Flower Garden
Flower gardeners that host black walnut trees on their property must protect garden plants from the toxic juglone emitted by the trees’ hulls, roots, and leaves.

Caring for Plant Roots in the Flower Garden
Flower gardeners must learn how to prevent root diseases and care for plant roots with fertilizers for a thriving landscape.

Grey Water in the Flower Garden
Flower gardeners can consider a grey water recycling system to reuse household water for landscape irrigation.

Use Rain Barrels in the Flower Garden
Flower gardeners can use rainwater barrels to collect and store chemical-free water to irrigate the landscape.

8 Ways to Use Newspaper in the Flower Garden
The newspaper many gardeners recycle at the curb or throw away can function as frost protection, weed killer, compost ingredient, and more.

9 Impressive Cottage Gardens
Every flower gardener has yearned for the perfect cottage garden at one time or another. There is something to take away from each of these divine landscapes.

Flowers for Fall Gardens
Fall flowers give the gardener one last chance to enjoy autumn blooms outdoors before first frost.

Flowering Fairy Gardens
The wee folk will be climbing over each other to claim their spots in your enchanted miniature garden.

Sidewalk Garden Ideas
Join the hell strip garden movement, and transform that dull patch of lawn between your sidewalk and street.

Grow an Organic Cutting Flower Garden
Grow these flower bouquet favorites for home decorating, weddings, or gift giving. Roses, lilies, and other florist flowers are easy to grow without chemicals.

Flowers for Moth Gardens

Boat Gardens
Boats make eye-catching large containers for the flower garden.

Flower Gardening Shortcuts A to Z
Implement one of 26 A to Z flower gardening tips to increase blooms, fight garden pests and diseases, and beautify your landscape.

Top Ten Tall Flowers
Move over, shrinking violets. These ten tall flowers are a commanding presence in your landscape.

Spider Mite Control
Spider mites infest stressed garden plants and houseplants, especially in summer months. Control spider mites with good cultural control, organic sprays, and chemical treatments.

How to Use a Hoe in the Flower Garden
Every flower gardener needs a quality garden hoe to make yard work easier.

Improve Your Flower Garden in 5 Minutes a Day or Less
Growing tips help the flower gardener make the most out of limited time.

Winter Tasks for the Flower Garden
Don’t stop caring for your roses, bulbs, perennials, trees, and shrubs when the first snow flies. They require your occasional presence to ensure a glorious spring performance.

Coffee Grounds in the Flower Garden
Use leftover coffee grounds in compost, as mulch, and as fertilizer in the flower garden.

10 Flowers You Didn’t Know You Could Eat
Everyone knows that pansies and nasturtiums are edible, but there are more flowers that can garnish your plate.

Cheap Seed Starting
Flower gardeners who choose start plants from seed can save money by swapping out expensive tools and techniques for cheap DIY alternatives.

Potting Shed Essentials
Turn your potting shed from a catch-all to a useful space in the flower garden.

Identify 5 Beneficial Weeds in the Flower Garden
Flower gardeners may discover that common weeds may serve as an asset in the form of edible plants or wildlife food sources.

Safe Ice Removal in the Flower Garden
Flower gardeners who avoid putting chemicals on their lawn and plants must choose ice melt products carefully to avoid damage to the landscape and environment.

Flower Garden Tools for the Beginner
You can start a successful flower garden with these four essential tools.

Create Small Flowering Trees
Turn your favorite flowers into small trees by training them as standards.

Disbudding for Large Blooms
Grow show quality blooms by using the disbudding technique.

Winter Seed Sowing in the Flower Garden
Keep your flower gardening activities going throughout winter with cold weather seed sowing.

Use Cold Frames in the Flower Garden
Protect tender plants from frost and extend the flower garden season with cold frames.

Success With Tiny Flower Seeds
Tiny flowers seeds are challenging to sow and grow, but with proper handling and aftercare you can achieve success with foxgloves, poppies, and more.

7 Common Flower Gardening Mistakes
New gardeners and seasoned green thumbs alike are subject to these common flower gardening mistakes.

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