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Flower Galleries

Pictures of flowers help you match types of flowers with the flower variety. Search for spring flower pictures, rose flower pictures, annual flower pictures, perennial flower pictures, wedding flower pictures, and flower gardens pictures.

Flowering Hanging Basket Idea Gallery
Get more eye-level blooms in your flower garden with a hanging basket.

Fall Flower Arrangement Ideas
Take advantage of the last of your flower garden's bounty with these floral arrangement ideas.

12 Top Petunia Varieties
Modern hybrids have made the old-fashioned petunia a flower garden must. Here are 11 top picks.

Pictures of Christmas Flowers
Increase your Christmas quotient with festive blooms. Flowering gift ideas, decorating with flowers, and flowering Christmas displays featured in this photo gallery.

Begonias - Begonia Flowers for Containers and the Garden
Begonias are easy annual flowers for the shade garden. View of wax begonias, tuberous begonias, and angel wing begonias, and choose one for your landscape.

Bearded Irises - Grow the Perennial Iris Flower in the Garden
The bearded iris is a drought tolerant perennial flower for the spring flower garden. Some specialty nurseries are entirely devoted to growing bearded irises, which gardeners purchase as iris rhizomes.

Poinsettia Picture Gallery - Displaying and Caring for Poinsettias
Poinsettia plants have come a long way from their shedding, monotone ancestors. View the new colors and vigorous varieties of this beloved holiday plant.

Ikebana Arrangements for Christmas
Ikebana Christmas flower arrangements look at home in modern homes and apartments.

Azalea Varieties for the Flower Garden
Get acquainted with the newest reblooming and cold hardy azaleas for your flower garden.

Peony Pictures
Explore the fragrant and showy world of herbaceous peonies.

Rudbeckia Varieties for the Flower Garden
The black-eyed-Susan flower is much more versatile than the simple yellow flowers your gradma grew. Learn about exciting new cultivars of rudbeckias for your landscape.

Top New Flower Varieties for 2014
Horticulturists and breeders unveil the top new flower varieties for 2014.

12 Top Coneflower Varieties
Discover 12 top performing coneflowers for the sunny perennial flower garden.

10 Tulip Types for the Spring Garden
Gardeners in temperate climates can look forward to any of these showy spring flowers if they plant tulip bulbs in the fall.

12 Flowers With Ornamental Foliage
Beauty comes before blossoming when you plant flowers with decorative foliage.

10 Flowers for Busy Gardeners
Think you don't have time for a flower garden? Base your flowerbeds on these easy choices, and sip a cold drink while your garden thrives without you.

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