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Exotic Flowers

Exotic flowers and tropical flowers are exquisite accents for special occasion bouquets and flower arrangements. Look at pictures of exotic flowers to find the best colors and shapes to grace your home.
  1. Orchids (8)

Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower Profile
Let this tropical vine smother your trellis with its crimson and white flowers.

Brazilian Candles, an Easy to Grow Tropical Plant
Brazilian candles provide many blooms with little effort.

Medinilla, a Showy Tropical Flower
In or out of bloom, an exotic flowering plant for the greenhouse and patio.

Protea Flowers - Add Drama to Tropical Flower Arrangments
Protea flowers are long lasting flowers for exotic cut flower arrangements.

How to Grow Bromeliads
This tropical plant is difficult to pronounce, but easy to grow.

Flowering Ginger Plants
Learn how to grow flowering ginger plants, a tropical flower with edible flower parts.

Hoya Plants, The Wax Flower
Hoya plants add a touch of porcelain perfection to your tropical container garden.

Grevillea Flowers for Mediterranean Gardens
Attract hummingbirds and admiring stares with this striking Mediterranean flower.

Kangaroo Paw Flowers
The kangaroo paw plant is one of Australia's most beloved exports. Learn how to care for this exotic flower.

Voodoo Lily
What the voodoo lily lacks in pleasing fragrance, it makes up for in its weird and wonderful bloom.

Stephanotis Flowers, The Madagascar Jasmine
Fragrance and tradition make the stephanotis vine a valuable addition to your tropical flowering container garden.

Freesia Flowers
Grow freesia flowers, and brighten your winter windowsill with their exotic perfume.

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