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Annual Flowers

Flower gardeners can learn about annual flowers to grow in the landscape, including annuals for sun and annuals for the shade garden. An annual flowers list with flower photos can help you pick garden flowers that work in your yard.

Lisianthus Flowers, a Cutting Garden Favorite
Lisianthus flowers provide gardeners with all of the beauty of roses without any of the thorns.

Verbena Care
Grow verbena plants in your sunny butterfly or container garden.

10 Annual Flowers for a Butterfly Container Garden
You can attract butterflies to the smallest space with a nectar-rich flowering container garden.

Bachelor Buttons - Cornflowers
Bachelor buttons, or cornflowers, provide periwinkle-blue blooms with little effort.

Growing the Cleome Flower – Spider Flowers Add Height to the Annual Garden
The giant flower globes of spider flowers will grace your garden from mid-summer til frost.

Growing Dahlias, From Pompons to Dinner Plates
With more than 50,000 named varieties to choose from, there's a dahlia to suit every gardener.

Gladiolus Flowers, Summer Bulbs for the Garden
The spikes of gladioli make a dramatic accent in the garden and the vase.

The Drought Tolerant Globe Amaranth - Gomphrena Globosa
Plant globe amaranth in the summer garden for dried flowers and to attract butterflies.

Flowering Million Bells Are Low Maintenance Petunia Look-alikes
This relative newcomer has become the darling of container gardeners.

Pansies, the Face of Springtime
Learn how to grow pansies in the spring flower garden.

Growing Sweet Alyssum in the Fragrant Flower Garden
The sweet alyssum plant is a fragrant annual flower that attracts beneficial insects.

Get More Fragrance in Your Life With the Tuberose Flower
Can you imagine a flower with a fragrance that is both calming and arousing? Grow the tuberose in your garden, and discover its mesmerizing scent.

Bells of Ireland Flowers - The Shell Flower
Try your luck with these green flowers that look elegant in the landscape and in bouquets.

Information About Flowers
Learn about different flower types, including perennial flowers, annual flowers, exotic flowers, and wildflowers. Identify flower pictures in flower photo galleries.

Ranunculus Bulbs for the Cutting Garden
Introduce the many layers of the ruffled ranunculus bloom to your cutting garden.

Cosmos, a Tough Garden Beauty
Birds and butterflies love these easy billowing flower garden classics.

Growing Portulaca, the Moss Rose Flower
The moss rose will give flower gardeners a bright display in sunny sites.

Evening Scented Stock
You'll forgive evening scented stock for looking a bit like a wallflower when you smell its fabulous fragrance.

Annual Vinca Flowers, the Madagascar Periwinkle
The annual vinca flower is a tough plant for sunny, dry areas in the garden.

10 Easy Annual Flowers to Start from Seed
Growing flowers from seeds can give you an instant garden if you start with the right varieties. These annual flowers are easy to plant and grow in any garden.

Pentas Flowers, the Egyptian Star Cluster
Grow the long blooming pentas flowers to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Nicotiana, the Flowering Tobacco
The fragrance of this heirloom annual will seduce giant moths and hummingbirds alike.

Amaranth Adds Drama to the Sunny Flower Garden
This unusual beauty is no wallflower.

Unusual Celosia Flowers Provide Brains and Plumes, Feathers and Blooms
If you want an easy annual to get the neighbors talking and gawking, try celosia flowers.

Grow Statice Flowers for Crafts and Bouquets
As fresh cut flowers or dried craft flowers, statice looks as beautiful in your home as in the landscape.

Gazania Flowers
Gazania flowers are easy annuals for sunny dry gardens.

Balsam Flowers
Get to know these old-fashioned annuals that bloom all season in sun or shade.

The Everlasting Strawflower
The everlasting strawflower will brighten your garden and your dried flower crafts.

Chenille Plant
The fuzzy red flowers of the chenille plant are so full of personality, you might be tempted to name them.

Get to Know Cuphea Plants
Low care cuphea plants will attract hummingbirds to your sunny garden with hundreds of tubular flowers.

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